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Clinical complications

It is a worrying time when you learn you have to undergo any operation, but for many, it is a welcome release from years of living, for instance, with an inflammatory bowel disease and its symptoms, or even to know that a cancer will be taken away.

Over the last decade, surgical procedures have improved immensely leading to minimal surgical scars and quicker recovery times with less time spent in hospital. For the most, post-operative complications are minimal. However, as with any surgical procedure there is always a certain risk associated with it.

The surgeon or nursing team will discuss the potential complications with you prior to surgery. This is usually done at the pre-operative assessment visit.

This section gives practical advice for some of the complications that may occur with your stoma following surgery.

Skin problems
   Skin soreness
Prolapsed stoma
Parastomal hernias
   What can be done to manage a hernia?
Retracted stomas
Moats, dips and creases around your stoma
Ulcers, bruising and pressure sores
   Pressure sores
Other stoma problems
   Wind and odour
   A change in stoma colour
   A bleeding stoma
   No faeces
Rectal Pain
   Phantom rectal pain
   Production of mucus
   Alternative therapies
   General guidelines for rectal pain

Support groups

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