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Stoma-related issues

This section contains information on stoma-related issues.

Stoma and skin related problems can occur for many reasons. The stoma will become smaller over time in the post-operative period as the swelling starts to subside. Consequently, one of the most common problems of sore skin can be due to a pouch that does not fit properly.

Sometimes the hole (aperture) in the flange has been cut too large and has allowed faecal waste or urine to get on to the skin. Leakage under the flange can also lead to sore skin and should be discussed with your stoma care nurse.

Other common problems include ulcers, bruising and even pressure sores on the skin surrounding the stoma (peristomal area), this may be due to the appliance. The stoma may change shape or size over time for example with weight gain or loss.

If problems occur it is always best to have the stoma and pouch checked by the stoma care nurse who will advise you appropriately.

Pressure sores

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