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Pressure Sores

Pressure sores can occur from continual pressure to an area of skin causing an interruption to the blood supply. This in turn allows the skin to break down leaving a small sore. This can break down into a much larger sore if left untreated.

Ulcers, bruising and pressure sores may arise from trauma from a pouch or belt that supports a pouch. People in wheelchairs may be more prone to pressure sores due to lack of sensation in the abdominal area. The misuse of convex stoma products has also been associated with pressure sores, ulcers and peri-stomal bruising.

It may be necessary to reassess the choice of pouch especially where convexity is being used. This should always be done in conjunction with your specialist nurse. Click here for more information on
Welland Curvex®.

The picture above shows small pressure sores at the 3 and 9 o’ clock position. This was caused by a belt being worn the wrong way round and the plastic belt digging in to the skin. In addition to the belt the ostomate was wearing a deep convexity pouch and the pressure ring caused additional pressure on the skin surrounding his stoma. This has contributed to the bruising that can be seen clearly all around the stoma.

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