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Wind and Odour

Odour will be present when changing or emptying the pouch or if the appliance is leaking.

People often feel anxious about their stoma and worry about the smell.  There are also special deodorants which can be put in to the pouch, which are available on prescription.

Many stoma pouches are now designed with sophisticated odour filters that can help control odour and wind.
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Wind can be exacerbated by certain foods and cannot be controlled if you have a stoma. Experiment to find which foods give you wind.  

Urine should not smell. However, there are certain foods such as asparagus and fish that can make urine smell. If an odour is present and there has been nothing unusual in the diet it may indicate an infection, this is usually accompanied by fever and the general feeling of being unwell. This should be reported to a healthcare professional.
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Support groups

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