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Parastomal Hernias

A parastomal hernia is a protrusion of bowel underneath the stoma incision causing a swelling or bulge. It can occur on any type of stoma but is particularly common with colostomies.

Picture 1

Picture 1. This shows a small parastomal hernia around a colostomy.

Hernias can be any size or shape. This makes it very difficult for pouches to work effectively especially in creating a complete seal to keep faecal matter (or urine) off of the skin. The position of the stoma can be altered by a parastomal hernia increasing in size making the stoma difficult to see to apply the pouch.

Picture 2

Picture 2. shows a permanent colostomy with a small parastomal hernia.

The bulge of the hernia under clothes can be a nuisance. Wearing loose clothing such as jogging pants or a shirt or blouse outside of trousers or a skirt can help.

Other problems with a parastomal hernia include pain or discomfort around the stoma site. This is often described as a dragging or heavy sensation. You may find a girdle of some benefit. You can find out more about these from your stoma care nurse. Surgery is an option for some. You should discuss this with your surgeon.

Curvex® has been specifically deigned to help with some of the daily management problems associated with parastomal hernias. The 3D flange is soft and flexible and can be inverted to fit perfectly over any size or any shape of the hernia.

Picture 3

Picture 3. shows Curvex® has a flexible contoured 3D flange which moulds naturally to the skin making it ideal for the use with parastomal hernias.

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