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Prolapsed Stoma

Prolapses may occur in any type of stoma but are more common in loop colostomies and ileostomies. Sometimes the muscles holding the stoma weaken and allow the bowel to telescope out, increasing the length of the stoma. Prolapses can be frightening for a patient as some can be quite large. A prolapse does not usually cause any pain or affect the way the stoma functions.

Prolapsed stomas can cause the pouch to leak and the hole of the pouch should be checked for the correct fit. The use of a large post-operative pouch can be of assistance. If you are at all worried you should seek advice from your stoma/district nurse.

  Picture 1                                         Picture 2

Picture 1. shows an ileostomy prolapse.

Picture 2. shows a slight prolapse of a permanent colostomy.

There may also be the need for use of extra flange adhesion to cope with the weight of the prolapse. Welland Medical offer
HydroFrame® flange extenders. These hydrocolloid semicircles can be used with any stoma pouch and help the pouch to adhere to the body by offering extra hydrocolloid around the pouch (see pictures below). Click here for more information on stoma products.

         Picture 3                                        Picture 4

Picture 3. and 4. demonstrates the use of HydroFrame®. Hydroframe® is a flange extender that allows additional security by providing extra adhesion around the pouch, drastically increasing wear-time. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation due to its gentle hydrocolloid formula which is sometimes associated with other tapes. Click here for more information on HydroFrame®.

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