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Retracted Stoma

This can be described as a stoma that has sunk below skin level. A retraction may be partially or completely below the skin level.

Causes for retraction of the stoma include:

· Technical difficulty at the time of surgery.
· Weight gain post-operatively.
· Pregnancy when the stoma may become stretched.  

It can often be difficult to obtain a good seal around the retracted stoma and this could lead to leakage with subsequent skin irritation. It is important that advice is sought from your specialist nurse, so that a thorough assessment can be made and the correct advice given.

Convex pouches can often be useful but their use should be prescribed only by a nurse specialist.

 Picture 1                                        Picture 2

Picture 1. shows an ileostomy which has retracted back towards the abdomen.

Picture 2. shows a deeply retracted stoma.

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