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Skin Problems

Every person’s skin is different and at times it can become sore. This may be because of a change in climate temperature, illness, fever or medication making your skin more sweaty. This may be because your stoma shape has changed over time and the pouch is not fitting as well as it should.

Skin problems around your stoma can be sorted out by altering a few easy things in your pouch change routine. This can include making sure your skin is dry before applying the next pouch or making sure the hole in the flange has not been cut too large. Alternatively the use of additional products such as barrier films may be necessary.

If you have any problems with your skin surrounding your stoma it is also worth speaking to your stoma care specialist for help and advice.

This section examines some of the common problems associated with sore peristomal skin and offers useful advice.

Skin soreness
Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)

Support groups

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