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Skin Soreness

Skin soreness is much easier to prevent than cure. Once your skin becomes sore, it may become difficult to get the pouch to adhere to the skin – this increases the likelihood of leaks, which will make the skin even worse. Always seek help from your doctor or stoma care nurse.

Good skin care is very important. Skin irritants, such as faeces or urine, can quickly make your skin sore. If your skin does become sore check the size of the pouch opening is correct. Change your pouch as often as you were advised. Use warm water and unperfumed soap, rinse and dry carefully. Barrier wipes such as
LBF®/WBF® and creams may help and should be used under the direction of your stoma care nurse.

Some people can develop a reaction to the stoma pouch, ie the plastic film or skin protector. If it does not resolve, your stoma care nurse will be able to suggest alternative brands of pouches.

The picture above shows an ileostomy with an acute dermatitis around the stoma.

HydroFrame® is a hydrocolloid based accessory that provides excellent adhesion around any product (including 1 and 2 piece products). It is ideal for the use on sore skin.
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