Clinimed - Life with a stoma
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Adjusting to life with a stoma

The process of adjustment is not instant. It will not happen overnight – it takes time. For some people this could be up to a year but do not worry if it takes longer. We are all individual and everyone adapts at their own pace.

These can be feelings similar to that of a bereavement;grief and anger. This is normal and can go on for a long period of time, even after the surgical wounds have healed. Click here for more information on
rectal pain and other clinical complications.

With help and support and your own attitude you will pick up the pieces of your life. Be realistic and allow yourself time to adjust to having a stoma. Having a stoma can affect other members of your family and friends
as they may have concerns. Talking can sometimes help diffuse these fears. Sometimes talking to a member from an association can help.

This section may be of interest to carers and family that want to understand more about your surgery and how best to help you.

Support groups

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