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Wound Healing

All wounds progress through several stages of healing and you will be able to see changes in your wound. The following are frequently experienced:

· Unusual sensations such as tingling, numbness or itching.
· A slight hard lumpy feeling as new tissues form under the scar.
· Slight pulling around the clips/stitches as the wound heals.

You may occasionally find that a stitch or clip has come out on its own. Do not pull off scabs, they are nature’s dressing and will fall off in time.


· Pain levels increase.
· The wound becomes redder or more swollen.
· There is any discharge from the wound.

It is important to eat a well balanced diet as soon as possible following your surgery. Many of the nutrients will aid the healing process from your surgery. If you are planning to go on a diet it may be advisable to talk to your GP or stoma care nurse first.

Support groups

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