Clinimed - Life with a stoma
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Nutritional Advice

The most important advice is to enjoy your food. You may find certain foods cause stools to change in consistency and you may wish to avoid them. (Click here for more information on diarrhoea and skin problems.) Experiment with each food several times before you exclude it from your diet.  New ostomates may experience excessive wind and odour. (Click here for more information on wind and odour.) It will take several months for this to settle down and your bowel to adapt to the changes.

Managing your stoma is easier if you understand the effects different foods have on your bowel, eg certain fruits may increase output and other foods may constipate. (Click here for more information on
constipation and skin problems.)

· Try to eat regularly, especially breakfast.
· Try to eat a balanced diet, ie low fat and moderate fibre.
· Alcohol can be taken. Beers and fizzy drinks may cause diarrhoea
  and wind. Over indulgence may make pouch changes difficult. Too
  much alcohol will lead to dehydration.

Support groups

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