Clinimed - Life with a stoma
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Sexual Activity

Bowel or bladder surgery is often undertaken for colorectal cancer, bladder cancer or trauma.

Many of the common fears include apprehension about being able to continue your sexual activity. You may feel nervous about showing your stoma to your partner and you may perceive your body image to be different. After your operation there will be a period of time that you may find intercourse uncomfortable. This is not uncommon and in time will improve.

Your interest in resuming a sexual relationship may be affected by many things. Some of these things may be related to medication, pain, general discomfort and other treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Sometimes during the operation, the nerve supply around the rectal, vaginal or bladder area may be bruised, inadvertently damaged or even removed. These issues will have been discussed with you before surgery by members of the medical team.

Support groups

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