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The most common reasons for a colostomy are:

· Cancer of the bowel.
· Bowel function disorders e.g. faecal incontinence.
· Trauma.
· Diverticular disease.

The stoma is red in colour, moist and has no feeling. A colostomy is usually situated on the left side of the abdomen below the waistline. The specialist nurse will discuss all aspects of stoma care prior to surgery.

There are many different types of colostomies.  The type of colostomy will depend on the surgical procedure you are having.

Most brands of colostomy pouches are very similar with one or two different features. The colostomy pouch is a closed pouch (not drainable) and is generally changed between 1 and 3 times a day. The whole pouch is removed and thrown away and replaced by a new one each time.

Colostomy pouches come in different sizes and are available in either opaque/beige or white/clear as demonstrated here.

Click here to find out more about colostomy pouches and how to change your pouch.

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