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Surgical Procedures

As no one person with bowel disease or cancer has it in exactly the same location in the bowel, a number of different surgical options are available to the surgeon. The diagnosis will determine the type of surgical procedure you are likely to have. Your surgical options will be discussed with you by your surgeon, stoma nurse specialist or other members of the surgical team.

This section discusses the main types of surgical procedures in detail, with diagrams to help aid your understanding.

Surgery to the Rectum and anus (back passage)
   Abdominal perineal excision of the rectum (APER)
       Post Operative Period
   Anterior resection
       Post Operative Period
Surgery to the colon
   Hartmann’s procedure
   Sigmoid colectomy
   Total colectomy
   Ileo Rectal anastomosis
   Ileal Anal Pouch or Restorative Proctocolectomy
       The one stage ileoanal pouch
       The two stage ileoanal pouch
       The three stage ileoanal pouch
   Colostomy irrigation
   ACE procedure (Ante grade colonic enema)
   The gracilis neosphincter operation
Surgery to the Bladder
   Mitrofanoff procedure

Support groups

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